Floral Greens Farmers of Florida

We are a Florida Grown farming cooperative that strives to meet the highest quality standards and design trends. Our quality is unmatched, and our service oriented members go the extra mile for their customers.

How We Started The FGFF Coop

The Floral Greens Farmers of Florida began as an initiative prior to Hurricane Matthew hitting the eastern coast of Florida on October 8th, 2016.

We were thinking about banding together as a cooperative when Hurricane Matthew hit, devastating our area, and affecting each one of us and our businesses. We had to come together if we were going to survive this life altering setback. Many of our farmers had been raised in this industry and were operating as 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Florida Farmers. 

We needed to be able to overcome the damage that our most recent hurricane at that time had caused our farms. We joined forces helping one another, working together, establishing quality standards for the products that we all collectively sell, and have been working together since to promote our American, Florida Grown products with in the United States and around the world. We are confident that we grow the best product anywhere in the world.

Latest FGFF Industry News & Blog Posts

Our Farmer's Fern vs Competitors Fern

We ordered fern from other farms outside of our FGFF group of farmers and put our product to the test. See how our product on the right lives longer and looks better than any other fern!

Fern before 1 week vase test Fern after one week vase test

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Working with floral greenery of this caliber really makes me appreciate the beauty of each stem. I no longer see greenery as a filler but as a beautiful focal to shape my designs overall. I start looking at many things more clearly. As a floral designer, this is one of those “Ah Ha” moments. Look deeper, appreciate more and as my son did here, drool over the best things in life. Floral greenery tower and photography by @brooke413raulerson Model: Alaska Raulerson



Evergreens are not just for wintertime. I’m going to stop you right there. Would you like it if you only were loved one time a year. No! Let’s love our Greens year round!!❤️❤️❤️ Floral Design and photography by @brooke413raulerson



Hydrangeas are one of the most popular and frequently flowers available year round and at affordable prices. So how do you make your arrangement look different? Change up the floral greenery. Here the hydrangea are the focus but check out the magnolia, podocarpus and sword fern with accents of pittosporum and Florida Ruscus. Try it in your next design. #magnolia #podocarpus #pittosporum #ruscus #floralgreens #floral #hydrangeas #bluehydrangeas #florist #flowers #floral #greenery #floralsandgreenery #floridagrown #freshfromflorida #farm #wholesaleflorist #localgrown #americangrown #aifd #standout #slowflowers #slowflowerstyle



Fresh olive, weeping podocarpus, magnolia and plumosa make this arrangement exquisite and elegant. It’s hard sometimes to find the right product to help achieve this look. Placement and the right textures are key. Photography and floral design by @brooke413raulerson. #glassvase #greenery #sunflowers #hydrangea #floralgreens #floridagrown #floridagreenery #olivebranch #florist #wholesale #wholesaleflorist #wholesaleflorists #foliage #foliagefarm #foliagefarmer #sympathyflowers #blueflowers #sunflower #floral #floralarrangements #florals



On this weeks farmer spotlight we met up with Jennifer Strickland from Alpha Fern in Pierson, FL. . Jennifer showed us around their 200+ acre farm where they grow a large variety of greens and make custom wreaths & garlands too! . Thanks for showing us around, Jennifer. . #farming #floralgreens #florida #alpha #pierson #fern #foliage



We really need another word to describe “hot” in the state of Florida. This arrangement is “hot.” The temperature outside today is “unbearable.” Enjoy your weekend! Floral design and photography by @brooke413raulerson



So don’t get me wrong, I love aspidistra but..this arborvitae..😬😍! Swooning for days over this bright green cluster of lusciousness. It brightens up my life....and my arrangements. I love ❤️ ❤️❤️this stuff! More designs to come right here from Florida. We grow the best!! Floral design and photography @brooke413raulerson @revelationdesign #arborvitae #floralgreens #floralgreensofflorida #freshfromflorida #farm #florallygreens #greenery #florist #floristschool #floristry #floral #floralarrangements #floralarrangement



I’m so excited to see this foliage come in my shop this week. I’ve had my eyes on it ever since I visited a farm in central Florida. Arborvitae!!! Love the bright green tips, how it mocks coral from our oceans and how sturdy the stems are when designing with it. I love ❤️ ❤️❤️this stuff! More designs to come. #arborvitae #floralgreens #floralgreensofflorida #freshfromflorida #farm #florallygreens #greenery #florist #floristschool #floristry #floral #floralarrangements #floralarrangement